How to Play

The first team to score 16 points wins. If both teams are tied at 16 at the end of a round, the winner of the next round wins the match. Rock/paper/scissors determines who first throws the smallest ball (called the pallino) past the middle boundary of the court. If the pallino lands before the middle, the team has one more chance to throw it past and if unable, the other team throws the pallino. The team that throws out the pallino then throws their first ball, followed by the other team. If Team A’s ball is closest to the pallino, Team B throws until they are closest. The game continues with the team furthest from the pallino throwing until they are closest until all balls have been thrown. Points are determined by how many balls a team has closest to the pallino, thus, one team earns points each round. If the pallino is moved out of bounds by a ball, the round restarts. Balls thrown out of bounds are still active. Teams that earn 4 points in one round will earn candy bars!